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We just love snacks!

We are a business that provides different types of snacks that are 100% Mexican Candy. 

We know that everybody needs something sweet in our lives and that's why we use the best products in the market.

We believe that a good party needs something that can be enjoyed by children and adults. That's why we give the best in every product or event that we have. 

Karla Hernandez


Hi, I’m Karla, I am originally from Tijuana Baja California, Mexico, now I live in San Diego, California. I have a husband and two daughters that keep me busy throughout the day. Like anybody that migrates to the United States, I came here trying to pursue the American dream. Tocho Morocho allows me to have a piece of the American dream.


Tocho Morocho began as a snack bar for events. The name, Tocho Morocho is an expression in Spanish that means “with everything”. After falling severely ill I needed to keep my mind occupied and I created Tocho-Morocho. 


The next step for Tocho Morocho is going online as a candy store in order to create a job to my daughter who has special needs.


American candy just doesn't cut it, and our Hispanic community craves for the candy they grew up with. Tocho Morocho wants to deliver a piece of their roots to those whom are far from Mexico.

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